Our dedicated Planning and Consultation team

The specialized planning and consultation division at Rite is responsible for executing Autocad layouts and as well as creating shop drawings, concept designs, layouts, and engineering solutions. Additionally, they offer assistance in budgeting for your project. By entrusting the coordination to our efficient and trustworthy team, customers can enjoy a hassle-free kitchen facelift experience.

Our sales department​

With a keen awareness of the latest trends and equipped with extensive experience and knowledge, our sales team takes pride in catering to the diverse needs of all customers. Their approach to selling revolves around providing solutions to customer problems and consistently surpassing expectations in every aspect. Their friendly demeanor and commitment to excellence are evident in their interactions with customers.

Our logistics department

With a comprehensive storage and warehousing facility that encompasses a wide range of equipment and spares, coupled with an efficient import/export desk to handle all logistical needs, we proudly stand as the market leader in this industry.

Our finance and administration department

Utilizing state-of-the-art accounting software and advanced administrative techniques, our team of experts ensures systematic procedures and meticulous tracking for all our clients. This value-added service enhances the overall experience we provide, ensuring a superior level of service.


Our dedicated "Rite Service" division comprises a team of trained engineers who specialize in troubleshooting, providing repair and maintenance services for our customers. Additionally, as an added benefit, we offer live demonstrations of our equipment at our fully furnished Demo Kitchens located in New Delhi and Bangalore. Rest assured, our service engineers possess extensive training and experience to efficiently handle all your service, maintenance, installation, testing, and commissioning needs, ensuring minimal downtime. Furthermore, we provide warranty and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service support at our service centers.