Dynasty Bread Slicer

Dynasty Bread Slicer

Model: HL-52001

Dimension: 760x720x830 mm


designed for the shop counter.
Best Safety Measures
A packing shelf is provided.


The HL-52001 machine is specifically created for use on shop counters. It incorporates a specially designed safety guard device tailored to meet the stringent safety regulations of certain countries. To ensure the operator’s protection, the machine features an interlocked safety feeding guard. This guard works in tandem with a safety loaf pusher system, driven by a powerful 1/2 HP motor.

During operation, the safety guard closely covers the machine when the operating handle is engaged. Additionally, the safety loaf pusher guides each loaf through the slicer blades, ensuring complete safety. The machine also includes a convenient packing shelf for easy organization.

To maintain optimal functionality and prevent mechanical issues, it is advised to regularly empty the fitted crumb drawer. This simple action helps avoid potential mechanical failures.


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